WATCH: Simone Biles Sweetly Surprises Young Gymnasts at Tour Event: ‘Are you shocked?’

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As the Gold Over America Tour carries on, Simone Biles continues to inspire and attract younger generations towards the sport. Not only with her performances but even with her heroics outside of sport, her influence as a global celebrity is at an all-time high as she continues to gain plaudits.

As she withdrew from gymnastics competitions at the Tokyo Olympics, she influenced athletes around the world to speak up about their mental health struggles. Notably, in a wonderful gesture, she recently surprised young athletes from the Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation


Simone Biles surprises young fans
The foundation helps many unprivileged kids to develop themselves through gymnastics activities.



During a photoshoot for Athleta, the young kids were busy posing behind the backdrop, getting clicked. However, when the photographer mentioned how one person was missing from the photograph, Simone Biles came forward, leaving the kids shellshocked.



Witnessing the GOAT in her gymnastics attire, the young children could not believe their eyes, standing up close to their favorite star.



“Are you shocked? Was it a good surprise?” said Biles.



WATCH: Simone Biles Sweetly Surprises Young Gymnasts at Tour Event: 'Are you shocked?'

Moreover, she complimented them on the way they looked and interacted with the kids. Simone is one of the most influential people in the world right now and her impact on her fans is unmatchable. Notably, for the same, she was also named as one of People Magazine’s 2021 People of the Year.



As she withdrew from different events at Tokyo Olympics 2020, Biles spoke about the pressures she faced during the sporting event. Due to a case of ‘twisties’, she withdrew from the games and is yet to compete again professionally. Recently, she spoke about being courageous, and how it felt to be able to speak about her problems.



WATCH: Simone Biles Sweetly Surprises Young Gymnasts at Tour Event: 'Are you shocked?'

“Now, internally, I know who I am and what I want to do. That’s probably one of the first times in my career where I felt courageous and I felt like I had got to speak up for myself. [I] definitely can walk away from Tokyo, feeling courage, feeling at ease. And I did everything I could,” said Biles.




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