Update on Tom Brady and Bruce Arians Rift; New Info Reveals Players and Coaching Staff Developed Resentment Towards…

Update on Tom Brady and Bruce Arians Rift; New Info Reveals Players and Coaching Staff Developed Resentment Towards...


There is a lot of speculation around what happened with Tom Brady. Since retiring three weeks ago, the seven-time Super Bowl winner has been hinting towards a comeback. Even the seemingly unplanned retirement looks like a questionable move since Brady has been a meticulous operator throughout his career. The Brady fanbase was admittedly surprised.

But it was player-turned-analyst Rich Ohrenberger who provided details into Brady’s exit from Tampa. In his latest revelations, Rich talks about Coach Arian’s shorter work schedule as compared to the team.


He said the difference in workload led to resentment ‘in the building’. Rich also claims that his sources are “impregnable“.



Tampa, Tom, and Timing

The timing of Brady’s retirement put the NFL community on watch. Yes, there were speculations that he might retire but that’s a story almost every year. After the loss to the Rams, Brady hinted towards a dicey return and within a week announced his retirement on Instagram.

And even before he announced it himself, NFL Analyst Adam Schefter broke the news. Tom Brady has been meticulous with his conduct in the NFL. It is a rarity, to say the least, that information was ‘leaked’ from the Brady camp.



And so, the timing of Tom’s exit from Tampa and how it played out opened even more room for speculation.
An ex-teammate spills the beans

Brady’s teammate from his New England days, Rich Ohrenberger has been busy on social media. Last week, the former Chargers player sparked a heated discussion in the NFL community by putting this tweet out and ‘enlightening’ the masses on Tom’s exist from Tampa:



Experts from all around the NFL community weighed in on Twitter. Even the target of his take, HC Bruce Arians, responded to the claims.


While speaking with Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, Arians went in-depth to take down the reportage of the player-turned-analyst. The coach was not appreciative of the comments Rich made. Especially, about his involvement with the offensive scheme.
But Rich Ohrenberger doubled down on Tom Brady Take



After Arians put out the response, Rich again took to Twitter to provide even more details about the situation. This time around, he called his sources “impregnable.”



People are challenging the credibility of his claims. But others speculate that his connections and proximity to Brady and Tampa’s coaching staff might provide credibility to his reportage. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk provides nuance to the whole situation.



It is also noteworthy that Ohrenberger was recently called out for spreading ‘made-up’ information about Patrick Mahomes. Rich admitted to being wrong as well. That opened discussions on the viability of the information about Tom.

Tom Brady is being mysterious

For the longest time, Brady said nothing extra in public. During his time in New England, he kept things to the point. Said the right things, nothing more, nothing less. After moving to Tampa, Brady seemingly opened up a little bit. He has loosened up on social media, sharing takes or the memes he liked, or even some advice he might have for the players.

Up until now, he has not commented on Rich’s claims.

Why did Brady announce his retirement so abruptly? How was it leaked in the first place? Where will he land if he does not want to go back to Tampa but still wishes to compete?




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