Simone Biles Net Worth Compared With Other Top Popular Athletes Like Serena Williams and Megan Rapinoe

Simone Biles Just Revealed if She’ll Compete in the Next Olympics After Her ‘Hard’ Time in Tokyo


Over the years, America saw plenty of talented athletes winning competitions, rising to fame. Among all the talents present in the country, three exemplary women stood out; Serena Williams, Simone Biles, and Megan Rapinoe. With immensely decorated careers, they are the pride of the United States. Notably, they rank amongst the richest athletes in the world.

The net worth comparison of these three athletes is an interesting case to examine, though. Let’s dive deeper and find out who earns the most out of Biles, Williams, and Rapinoe.


Simone Biles net worth
There are no qualms about Simone Biles’ brilliance on the floor, vault, and balance beam. Renownedly, she is the most talented gymnast of her generation. Ever since she won her first gold medal in 2013, during the World Championships, she entered the stage as a special talent.



Fast forward to 2021, winning 32 combined Olympic and World Championships medals is a testament to her success. Thus, her net worth now stands at $10 million.




Courtesy of her fame and fortune, Biles today is an influential personality and a brand ambassador for the sport. Performing on the Gold Over America Tour, she aimed to encourage bring the younger generations closer to the sport.


Simone Biles Net Worth Compared With Other Popular Athletes Like Serena Williams and Megan Rapinoe


Thanks to her huge fan following, companies like Athleta, Visa, United Airlines, and many others have signed endorsement deals with her, further adding to her net worth.



Megan Rapinoe net worth
A mainstay for the USWNT, Megan Rapinoe’s playing career is indeed inspirational. A charismatic personality on and off the pitch, Rapinoe’s outspoken nature, took her to heights that some can only imagine.


Simone Biles Net Worth Compared With Other Popular Athletes Like Serena Williams and Megan Rapinoe

Winning the Olympic gold medal during the 2012 London Olympics, she announced her arrival on the biggest stage of all. More success followed as she won the World Cup in 2015 and 2019. Courtesy of all her laurels, Rapinoe’s net worth is valued at $3 million.



Notably, she earns $168,000 per annum while signing many endorsement deals. Her vibrant persona handed her deals with companies like Samsung and Nike. Notably, starring in a commercial ad with Cristiano Ronaldo is another blockbuster feat she attained.



However, when compared to Biles, her net worth is remarkably lower. Despite a difference of seven million, the next person on the list take the level out of their reach.



Serena Williams’ net worth compared to Biles

Getting straight to the facts, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Williams’ net worth is valued at $250 million. Often regarded as the greatest women’s tennis player of all time, Williams’ 23 major grand slam trophies helped her to rise in her career. In recent years, she has fetched a significant amount of money from winning tournaments and other endorsements. ($30-$40 million).



Simone Biles Net Worth Compared With Other Popular Athletes Like Serena Williams and Megan Rapinoe


Likewise, she earns around $20 million from various endorsements with companies like Nike and Kraft Foods. She also signed a deal with Nike, like other athletes, to bring her signature fashion outfits.



The sheer difference in the net worth between Serena Williams, when compared to Simone Biles and Rapinoe, is incredible. That shows the dominance she has established in the world of sports. While Biles is still young and has a long way to go, she would hope to get closer to Williams. However, that may not be a straightforward task.




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