Simone Biles and Boyfriend Jonathan Owens Celebrates The Festive Period In a Grand Style

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens are not wasting time all as the reveal plans for their weddings days after engagement


As Christmas approached, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens looked forward to celebrating the festival together again. With both of them hitting it off last year, the pandemic brought them closer as they moved in together. Hence, Biles is enjoying her moments with her boyfriend. They hoped to match the great times they had earlier.


As Owens made his debut in the recent NFL game, it is interesting to see both of them celebrate the festival with matching pyjamas like last time.



Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens spent Christmas together back in 2020, the duo started dating each other after meeting on a social media app. Surprisingly before this, Owens was unaware of Biles. The duo swiftly moved in together. Here began the great love story which led to a string of incredible photos on Instagram. Last Christmas they wore green and black flannel pyjamas with t-shirts pointing out to each other. A wonderful expression of affection, isn’t it!


Dear Santa They’re the Naughty Ones”



They posted an Instagram photo of Owens piggybacking Biles on his shoulder. They had a beautiful Christmas tree with silver toned ornamentation. Owens too shared an Instagram post as he talked about his family being an important part of the festival.



The duo is enjoying their time together. The couple is rather famous on Instagram for their innovative posts. Moreover, they seem to know each other very well because of the bond they have developed in a year. Likewise, Owens supported Biles during their time with each other as the NFL player spoke about knowing Biles from the get-go. He even knew the troubles she was going through in Tokyo. Hence, Owens talked about the time when he saw her struggling back when she withdrew from the gymnastics competition in Tokyo.



“It was hard for me to really understand what she was going through because I’m not on that stage and dealing with those pressures and everything, but I just try to be as understanding as possible,” said Owens.



Simone Biles and Boyfriend Jonathan Owens Celebrates The Festive Period In a Grand Style

Lovely words from Owens. Thus, these two are up there with the best as they cheer up each other all the time. Their relationship is a benchmark for most people.




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