Serena Williams Coach, Patrick Mouratoglou Reveals Secret Behind her Iconic powerful Service

Serena Williams considers retirement:


Tennis star Serena Williams has been one of the most successful players in the modern era with 23-Grand Slam titles in her career. Her partnership with coach Patrick Mouratoglou has paid dividends as they’ve won 10 Slams together since 2012.

Recently, Patrick gave an analysis of how Serena executes her service motion, which is one of the best in the business.


He spoke about her serve and stated, “First, the front of her left foot starts of the ground, allowing her movement to go from the back leg to the front leg as she tosses. This timing helps her keep the toss consistent and in front. Notice that the ball sits in the palm. This limits the action of her fingers and gives her more control. Her left arm is totally tensed all the way. This also avoids any unnecessary movements in the toss.”



The Frenchman’s perfect description of Serena Williams’ serve
He detailed the manner in which Serena moves her foot accordingly and highlighted the importance of her hand-eye coordination. He mentioned the way her ball is tossed in a particular way, which enables her to gain pace on her serve.



The Coach assesses one of the sport’s greatest Mouratoglou explained in full detail the motion of the 23-time Grand Slam winner’s serve. After a particular point, she loosens the wrist in order to gain maximum effect from it. Due to that, it helps her gain the follow-through to hit a flat serve.




The Frenchman further added, “She attacks the ball with her hand first and then the racket back. That is only possible because her wrist is loose and it allows the maximum wrist effect. Look at the acceleration.



Serena Williams Coach, Patrick Mouratoglou Reveals Secret Behind her Iconic powerful Service

Now look at the racket head, it turns to face the right fence. This is called the pronation and the best way to hit a flat serve. At the end of the service, both of Serena’s arms end on the left side, this increases the rotation of the upper body securing more power.”



While Mouratoglou’s instructions will surely help in understanding the technical reasons behind Serena’s excellent serve, emulating the legend is another aspect altogether.



Serena Williams Coach, Patrick Mouratoglou Reveals Secret Behind her Iconic all-in-one Service

Coming to the 2021 season, Williams began competing in Melbourne and came as far as the semifinal of the Australian Open. After that, she had an average clay season and failed to create an impact during the few tournaments she competed in.



At the Wimbledon Championships, she withdrew midway from the opening round match due to an injury. Since then, she has not been seen on a tennis court. Now that the season is over, we wish her a speedy recovery for the upcoming 2022 season.




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