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Best Scottish Dog Names And Meanings In 2021

Choosing the Scottish Dog Names And Meanings for your dog is an important first step in dog ownership. What you name your puppy will have an impact on the rest of their lives. So make sure you choose carefully.

When choosing a name, you want to take into consideration a few key items; like how easy it is to say, and how popular the name is.

If you choose a popular name your dog will become confused when they hear the name used for someone else. It’s best if you try to pick a name that is unique.

One way to find a unique dog name is to choose an ethnic name from another country. Some countries lend themselves to unique names more than others. Scotland is one of those countries.

To help you find the perfect Scottish dog name we have put together a list of Scottish Dog Names And Meanings to choose from.

In addition to finding a unique dog name for your pup you also want to choose a name that conveys your dog’s unique personality.

This is where Scottish dog names have an advantage, especially, if you have an adventurous breed.

When you think of Scotland one thinks of; the lush, green spaces of the lowlands, the rugged mountain terrain of the highlands, and the vast coastline of both the Highlands and Islands.

All this means that Scotland offers an unlimited number of opportunities for adventure and dog names.

Scottish Terrier breed is very popular and belongs to Scotland, besides the Scottish Terrier the Scottish Deerhound is also well known, but these Scottish Male and Female dog names are not only reserved for only abovementioned breeds.

These endearing names, pet names, and beautiful surnames can be given to any type and breed of dog. All Scottish dog names are for all dog breeds.

How to Choose a Dog Name

There are 6 tips to follow when choosing a name for your dog. We already discussed the first one:

  • Choose a unique name.  Our adopted puppy came with the name “Bella”. Since she already knew the name we decided not to change it.  But it is a very popular name on our street.  She often becomes confused when the name is used for someone else.
  • Pick a name that you are comfortable saying in public. What might seem funny in private might not go over well in public?
  • Your dog’s name will influence what people think of your dog.  If you name your German Shepard Killer, people may believe that your dog presents a danger to others.
  • Choose a name that is easy to say.  You will be saying it a lot over the next 10 to 15 years.
  • Don’t choose a name that can be mistaken for another word. (Example: Bo that sounds like no)
  • Choose a name with one or two syllables. Dogs can recognize shorter words easier. If you do choose a longer name consider using a nickname for everyday use.
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Female / Male Scottish Dog Names And Meanings

The origins of Scottish names can come from the Old Scottish Gaelic language of Scotland and also from the surrounding areas that had an influence on the Scottish people.

Name Meaning Male/Female
ALASTAIR Defending Men Male
ADAIR The ford of the oaks Male
ADAIRE See Adair Male
AILBEART Bright nobility Male
AILBERT See Ailbeart Male
AINDREA Man Warrior Male
AINSLEY hermitage meadow Male
AINSLIE See Ainsley Male
AKIRA Intelligent Male
ALAISDAIR Defender of mankind Male
ALAISTAIR Variant of Alastair Male
ALAISTER See Alastair Male
ALASTAIR Defender of mankind Male
ALEC Short form of Alestair Male
AMHLAIBH Heir of the ancestors Male
ANGUS One Choice Male
AODH Fire Male
AODHAGÁN Tiny little fire Male
ARTAIR Bear-man Male
ARCHIE Valuable; Bold Male
ATHOL Ford of the rock; rock-ford Male
AUGUSULUS Venerable Male
ABBY Father in rejoicing Female
AILA Oak tree Female
ALBA Scotland Female
ANNABEL Easy to love Female
ANNABELLA Easy to love Female
ANNIE Grace Female
BALFOUR farm house, farm pasture; grazing land Male
BARCLAY Birch tree meadow Male
BENNEIT Blessed Male
BHALTAIR Ruler of the army Male
BLÁÁN Little Yellow one Male
BLAIR Battlefield Male
BOYD Yellow-Haired Male
BRUCE Woods Male
BRYCE Pied, spotted, speckled Male
BAIRD Poet Male
BELLA Beautiful Female
BEN Son Male
BLAIR Plain Male
BOBBI Bright fame Female
BOBBIE Bright fame Female
Bonnie Pretty Female
BRODIE Muddy place Male
BUDDY Herald Male
CAILEAN whelp; young pup Male
CALLUM Dove Male
CALUM See Callum Male
CAM Crooked Nose Male
CAMERON Crooked nose Male
CAMPBELL Crooked Mouth Male
CAOIDHEAN fifth Male
CARBREY Charioteer Female
CHRÌSDEAN Christ-bearer Male
CINÁED Born of fire Male
CLIAMAIN Gentle and Merciful Male
CLYDE Muddy Male
CÒISEAM Steadfast Male
COLUMB Hound of valor Male
CORMAG Son of Defilement Male
CRAIG Rock Male
CRÌSDEAN Christ-bearer Male
CUDDY Bright Fame Male
CUITHBRIG Bright Fame Male
CAILEAN Dove Female
CALEDONIA Hard or rocky land Female
CALLA Beautiful Female
CAMPBELL Crooked mouth Male
CANDY Honest Female
CARLYLE From Carlisle Male
CLYDE Refers To The Scottish Clyde River Male
COLIN Dove Male
DABHAIDH Beloved Male
DÀIBHIDH See Dabhaidh Male
DAIVIDH Variant of Dàibhidh, meaning ‘beloved’ Male
DAVEY, DAVY Short form of Dàibhidh Male
DAW Short of Dàibhidh Male
DEÒRSA Earth-worker, farmer Male
DERMID Without Envy Male
DIARMAD With no Envy Male
DOLAIDH World Ruler Male
DOMHNALL World ruler Male
DONAIDH Short of Domhnall Male
DÙBHGHLAS Black stream Male
DUFF Black, Dark Male
DUGALD Black stranger Male
DÙGHALL Black stranger Male
DUIBHSHÍTH Black peace Male
DACEY Of the Decies Female
DAISY Day’s eye Female
DALLAS Meadow stance Male
DAVE Beloved Male
DEE Abbreviation Of Names Begin With ‘D’ Male/Female
DONALD World Rule Male
DOUG Black Water Male
DOUGAL Black Stranger Male
DUFF Dark, Black Male
DUKE Duke Male
DUNCAN Brown chief Male

Unique Dog Names Based On Scottish Culture

Like all countries, Scotland uses certain terms that are only used in Scotland. But these terms can make very unique Scottish Dog Names.

An example is Coorie which means to snuggle and nestle. Wouldn’t this make a great name for a puppy that loves to cuddle with you?

Name Meaning
Alba Gaelic for Scotland
Bairn Scottish term for Baby
Bean Fair
Bridie Meat pastry that originates from Forfar
Caledonia Latin name for Scotland
Cèilidh Evening of traditional Scottish dancing (ˈkālē)
Clootie Traditional steamed Scottish pudding
Coorie Meaning to cuddle
Cranachan  Scottish dessert
Cullen Cullen skink a thick Scottish soup
Dafty A silly person
Edin Edinburgh
Effie Well-spoken
Embra Slang for Edinburgh
Firth Inlet of the sea (fərTH)
Haggis Traditional Scottish dish
Highlander A person from the Scottish highlands
Kelpie Shape-shifting water spirit which usually takes the form of a horse
Laddie Scottish term for a boy
Lager Light beer in Scotland
Lass Scottish term for a girl
Loch A lake or inlet
Mac Means “son of”
Madra Dog
Scotch Type of whisky made in Scotland.
Selkie Mythological beings capable of changing from seal to human form by shedding their skin
Smokie Type of smoked haddock
Sterling Scotland’s currency
Stovie Scottish dish based on potatoes
Tartan A patterned cloth used in Scottish kilts
Thistle National flower of Scotland
Toaty Meaning tiny and small
Whiskey Drink

Ultimate Scottish Dog Names – Unisex

Name Meaning
Ainsley Famous Scottish family name although roots likely from Nottinghamshire
Blair Place names in Scotland
Cameron Crooked nose
Cori Surname
Jaime Originates from the name James
Lennox With many elm trees
Rae Scottish for “grace
Rory Gaelic Meaning “red-haired king”  (ROAR-ee)
Teagan Attractive, beautiful
Teasag Scottish form of Jessie

Popular Scottish Dog Breeds – Perfect for Scottish Dog Names

While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind, Scotland has a long history of breeding strong, energetic dogs that are now some of the most popular pets in homes today.

In fact, some of the most popular dog breeds originated in Scotland. If you have a Scottish dog, especially the one listed below, you should definitely consider Scottish dog names.

Scottish Terrier – Scotland’s most famous dog breed, the Scottish Terrier, is a small, sturdily-built canine with wiry hair and a dignified demeanor.

Border Terrier – This dog is a happy, spritely little pup that is active and agile.

Cairn Terrier – One of the oldest terrier breeds, the Cairn Terrier is an alert, cheerful pup who stays busy and is always curious.

Skye Terrier – Relaxed and good-natured, the Sky Terrier is strong and sturdy for his small size with long, straight locks.

West Highland White Terrier – This happy, adorable dog has plenty of self esteem but is always loyal to his master.

Shetland Sheepdog – Extremely intelligent but also playful and fun, the Shetland Sheepdog makes a wonderful family pet.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier – This little whippersnapper is independent and proud. He works hard and is always affectionate to family.

Fun Scottish Dog Names You Can Give Your Dog Today

When you think of Scotland, certain things come to mind. We’ve drawn inspiration from basic elements of Scottish life for these dog names.

Stereotypical? Maybe. But in a good way.

  • Laddie – a Scottish term for a boy or young man.
  • Lassie – the term for a girl or young woman.
  • Ness/Nessie – a nickname for the Lochness Monster.
  • Loch – the Scottish Gaelic word for a lake.
  • Haggis – a traditional Scottish dish. Haggis is a savory pudding that contains sheep’s pluck minced with other ingredients.
  • Whiskey – this distilled alcohol is quite popular in Scotland.
  • Scotch – a malt whisky or grain whisky made in Scotland.
  • Kilt – a knee-length traditional garment that was worn by men in the Scottish Highlands.
  • Connery – as in Sean Connery, the legendary Scottish actor.
  • William Wallace  the Scottish knight who became one of the main leaders during the Wars of Scottish Independence. He was portrayed on screen by Mel Gibson in Braveheart.
  • Highlander – a term for a person from the Scottish highlands and also a 1986 film.
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – the author of Sherlock Holmes hailed from Scotland.
  • Sherlock – this also makes a cute dog name.
  • Bairn – a Scottish term for baby
  • Cannie – Scottish slang for a smart person.
  • Dafty – a silly, foolish person.
  • Toaty – meaning tiny and small.
  • Tartan – as in the Tartan Army, a Scottish football team.
  • Chip – the British word for fry.
  • Ale – another word for beer, ale is quite popular in Scotland.
  • Plaid  the plaid pattern can be seen throughout the country.
  • Sterling  the country’s currency.
  • Quid – slang for the pound sterling.

Famous People From Scotland

There are many great people in Scotland who you might like to name your dog after.

One of them was Sir William Wallace. Sir Wallace was a Scottish knight who became one of the main leaders during the First War of Scottish Independence.

Name Famous Scotts 
Baird John Logie Baird – inventor of the TV
Bell Alexander Graham Bell – inventor of the telephone
Burns Robert Burns – poet and Scottish icon
Connery Sean Connery – actor
Connolly Billy Connolly – stand-up comedian
Doyle Arthur Conan Doyle – author of Sherlock Holmes
Ewan Ewan McGregor – well known Scottish actor
Irvine Irvine Welsh – Scottish novelist and playwright
Lassie Famous Dog Star
Lulu Scottish pop singer and actress
Mackintosh Charles Rennie Mackintosh – Scottish architect and artist
Mary Queen of Scots
Nessie Loch Ness Monster
Rennie Charles Rennie Mackintosh – see above
Wallace Sir William Wallace

Places In Scotland

Name Place
Ailsa Ailsa Craig
Arran Islands
Bute Islands
Cuillin Islands
Fara Islands
Harris Islands
Iona Small island in Scotland
Isla Island off the west coast of Scotland. (EYE-luh)
Islay Islands (‘isle-a’)
Jura Islands
Lewis Islands
Mull Islands
Orkney Islands
Rona Small island in Scotland
Shetland Islands
Skye Isle of Skye in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides
Stornoway Islands
Tiree Islands
Aberdeen Scotland’s third most populous city
Bein Mountain
Leith District of Edinburgh
Munro Mountain in Scotland
Dee River or Loch
Lomond River or Loch
Lossie River or Loch
Maree River or Loch
Moray River or Loch
Ness River or Loch
Tay River or Loch
Tweed River or Loch
Ayr Town
Elgin Town
Kelso Town in Scotland and surname
Montrose Town
Oban Town
Tobermory Town
Angus Town
Argyll Town
Atholl Blair Atholl is a village in Scotland

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Top Scottish Clan Names For Your Dog

Scottish clans are well-known symbols of Scottish life. They are most often associated with men in plaid Kilts and coats of armor. You may assume that people who are part of a clan have a bloodline to the clan’s ruling ancestors.

But that may not be correct.  The term “clan” comes from the Gaelic ‘clann’ which literally means “children” and more broadly “kindred”.

It is common that members of a Scottish clan are more often a kinship group rather than a bloodline. There are over 350 different clans with about 175 of them having a coat of armor. Many of these names can be used as dog names.

Rather than showing you all the clan names we have selected the best 25 clan dog names for our list of Scottish Dog Names And Meanings

Name Name Name Name
Abercromby Baxter Grant Morrison
Adair Boyd Gunn Murdoch
Adam Brodie Hamilton Murray
Arnott Fraser Mackay Scott
Arthur Gordon Mackinnon Sinclair
Baillie Graham MacLeod Maxwell
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