Roger Federer: ‘I could not have said such’




The recovery period from the knee injury continues and in the meantime she decides to continue with the advertisements as well as the work. Roger Federer has officially confirmed that he will participate in the next edition of the “Noventi Open”, which takes place every year (since 1991) in Halle.



The participation in the tournament on grass, which has been included in the program for the month of June on the ATP circuit, certifies the will of the Swiss to continue playing, for some time. The 40-year-old wants to get back to the top of his fitness as soon as possible, or at least get closer, and get more satisfaction in 2022.


A difficult goal to achieve, but the native Basel champion does not set limits: the competition has become very fierce in recent years and the expert winner of 20 Grand Slam titles has also paid the consequences, losing positions in the world rankings due to series of defeats.



Now down to 15th place, the player can only take advantage of the partially frozen ranking in the first part of next year, which could offer good opportunities at the seeded level or direct classification in the main draw of the various competitions.


The important aspect, to be discovered over the weeks, would be to understand when Roger will return to a tennis court. The Australian Open option appears to be slipping away, given the athlete’s intention to allow himself recover fully, but there is no official confirmation to ascertain whether there is resignation or participation yet.

Roger on his Tram

Roger Federer recently inaugurated a tram named after him in his birthplace of Basel. The tram, called the ‘Federer Express’ or ‘FedExpress’ for short, has turned quite a few heads with its sleek structure and eye-catching colors.



“Well, it was a long process,” Roger Federer said. “And I have to say, it feels a bit strange to present yourself on a tram. It was therefore important for me that it is a tram for the city, not for me.” Federer admitted that there were instances when he traveled black (without buying a ticket) over short distances, but stressed the importance of practicing “fairness and correct behavior”


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