Pandemonium! USA Gymnastics wakes up to a Shocking news; See Simone Biles’ reaction Via a twitter post

Away From Gymnastics, What is Simone Biles Doing Now?


The United States Women gymnastics team received the news of the sudden resignation of their high-performance director, Tom Forster. Despite leading team USA to great performances in Tokyo, Forster will leave at the end of the year. While the organization is on the lookout for a new director now, Simone Biles reacted to Forster’s departure.

Ever since he took over the reins as a director, he restored parity to the gymnastics picture. Moreover, Biles’ reaction hints at the same.


Simone Biles posts tweet that is heart-disturbing

Forster took over the program in June 2018 and led the team to gold at the 2018 and 2019 World Championships. Notably, he also helped them to win a silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, he will leave his post at the end of this year.



As a result, the USAG will begin their hunt for a new director soon, while Forster will continue to attend the national camp as a guest. After the news broke out, Biles took to Twitter with a cryptic tweet, expressing how she believes there are bigger problems than Tom, that his departure won’t fix.



“Wait until y’all realize the real problem with USAG isn’t Tom,” she said.

Under Forster’s guidance, team USA turned into a dominant force in the business, who made their way through the ranks. Moreover, he spoke about leaving the job wholeheartedly while being happy with the progress he made with the team. “My passion for this sport has always been working with coaches and athletes to bring out the best in each,” said Forster.




US gymnastics to be revamped

After Biles’ decision to withdraw from the team gymnastics competitions in Tokyo, they lost out on the gold in the team finals. After 30 years, the Russian gymnasts took home a sensational victory, ending USA’s dominance.



Pandemonium!  USA Gymnastics wakes up to a Shocking news; See Simone Biles' reaction

Despite having found success in 2018 and 2019, not to mention Biles’ incredible performance in Rio 2016; they lacked the X factor in Tokyo this time around. Nevertheless, new talents emerged.



Pandemonium!  USA Gymnastics wakes up to a Shocking news; See Simone Biles' reaction

The phenomenal Suni Lee took home the gold medal for the all-around gymnastic competition, while Biles returned and won the bronze medal on the balance beam. Now, a new era dawns for the USAG as they would want to hire a new director to enhance their performance. Who do you think would be the perfect man for the job?




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