Michael Johnson US Olympic Legend Makes a Bold Claim on NFL Overtime Rules, Invites “Sensible Arguments” from Fans

Michael Johnson US Olympic Legend Makes a Bold Claim on NFL Overtime Rules, Invites “Sensible Arguments” from Fans


American sprint star Michael Johnson is one of the legends to have graced the field. Johnson has won a record 4 Olympic gold medals and 8 World Championships.

A sprinting great, Johnson is also an NFL fan. He follows the games closely and doesn’t shy away from giving his opinion. Recently, the NFL overtime rule has garnered a lot of attention.


Vocalizing his thoughts, Johnson too, took to Twitter, to express his opinion regarding the rule change.



Michael Johnson invites “sensible arguments” on Twitter
The National Football League had imparted the overtime rule back in 2010. This rule states that in the 10 minute overtime, each team must possess the ball. Now, the overtime controversy has reached a climax with the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills match.




The rule states, “Each team must possess, or have the opportunity to possess, the ball. The exception: if the team that gets the ball first scores a touchdown on the opening possession.”


The overtime rule has sparked debate worldwide and has the game’s fans divided in their opinions. While some are good with this rule, others think it’s unnecessary and want it modified.



Among them is US sprinter Michael Johnson. Johnson even took to his Twitter account to actually invite “sensible arguments” in favor of the NFL overtime rule. He also made it a point to add that he wasn’t a Buffalo Bills fan.



“Searching for someone with a sensible argument in favor of the NFL overtime rule. And I’m not a Bills fan,” posted Johnson.

Fans took this invitation quite seriously and flooded his account with replies, justifying why the rule was needed or why it wasn’t. Multiple fans put forward different arguments regarding the overtime rule.


Johnson responds to fan’s argument
It was to one of these arguments that Michael Johnson decided to respond to. He put forward his own stand to the comment.

“Two main sides of the game, and you need both to win…offense and defense. People wanting the overtime rules to change are those who could care less what the defense does for a team,” the Twitter user wrote.



Johnson decided to respond back, with his own opinion on the overtime rule.



“But what if the reason for wanting the overtime rule to change is because you actually love defense and you want to see both defenses get a chance to stop? Ahhhh, didn’t think about that?” replied Johnson.



Notably, the rule has been quoted as the “worst rule” in the game. Some fans hate it so much that they have jokingly called for President Biden to step in and fix the rule.

What is your take on this controversial rule?




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