Max Verstappen Willing To Do Something He Resents Just to Take Lewis Hamilton’s Title

Hamilton fires ominous warning to Verstappen and hits back at Helmut Marko


This has been a championship battle for the ages. And both drivers are under the pressure, even if they claim otherwise. Hence, the cool Max Verstappen revealed how he’s approaching the battle differently. Usually, one to ignore the traditional track walks, Verstappen revealed how he may have gone against his own beliefs for the title.

In the early hours of Thursday, Max Verstappen was once again spotted taking part in a pre-race custom he avoids- the track walk. Although the circuits in Losail and Jeddah are new to the driver, track walks and Verstappen are never associated together.


“Although you always have to wait until you start driving how it is in terms of grip. But during a track walk, I mainly look at where the curbstones are and where the walls are.” An important thing to do, especially when it’s a new circuit; Verstappen gets ready for the penultimate race of the season.



And he is excited about it. “I’ve already driven the track in the simulator and it’s a very fast track. I’m looking forward to seeing it in real life.” With an 8 point lead, and a scarce possibility of a championship decider ahead, Verstappen’s excitement is understandable. However, he isn’t the only one making changes for the title.



Max Verstappen Willing To Do Something He Resents Just to Take Lewis Hamilton's Title

Lewis Hamilton ready to challenge Max Verstappen with extra sim times
While Verstappen adjusts to track walks, Lewis Hamilton has been clocking in the hours on the sim. Having openly rejected the idea of a simulator, Hamilton has now changed his beliefs for the championship as well.




In the week’s break between the two races, Hamilton spent seven hours in a day on the sim in Brackley; followed by four on the Monday ahead of the weekend. Hamilton has been giving it his all as well.



Max Verstappen Willing To Do Something He Resents Just to Take Lewis Hamilton's Title

“This is the best I have been able to give in a year, the training, the time balance that I have,” he said. “I made every sacrifice I could this year. I don’t think I have left anything undone, so at this point of the year there are no regrets”.



It only shows how competitive the protagonists have become. In a season where the tides have shifted, either way, it remains an absolute mystery who holds the advantage ahead of the race in Jeddah. Will it be a title decider? Nonetheless, it will be a fascinating race ahead.




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