Max Verstappen provides a glimpse on his new look for his first season as Formula 1 champion

F1 engineers ‘want Max Verstappen stripped of title and Michael Masi fired'


Verstappen led the championship for most of last season and was the dominant driver in terms of poles and wins, although his title was ultimately shrouded in controversy after a dramatic final Abu Dhabi GP.

The Dutchman praised Hamilton in the aftermath, but F1’s seven-time champion has yet to comment publicly since leaving the paddock on December 12.


Verstappen revealed a new helmet design on Thursday, with plenty of gold on his usual white – while he also has the Number 1 on the back as he swaps his old 33 to celebrate his 2021 title.

“I also asked for a little star at the back, for my championship win,” added Verstappen, who edged Hamilton to the 2021 crown.



“With all the small upgrades and the gold, I think my 2022 helmet looks cool!”






We understand the inquiry into the Abu Dhabi ending and the Safety Car is key to Hamilton’s future, with February a big month in its resolution. The FIA will be first revealing its findings to teams in February, a month which also plays host to the F1 car launches and crucial testing given the rules revolution.



Why is Verstappen running the Number 1?
Since 2014, there has been an F1 rule that the reigning champion is permitted to race with the Number 1 on his car – or stick with his previous number.


Hamilton, who won every title bar 2016 prior to last year, always stuck with his 44 (bar a 2018 Abu Dhabi practice session where he had the 1), but Verstappen has opted for the 1 at the first time of asking.



Max Verstappen provides a glimpse on his new look for his first season as Formula 1 champion

“How many times can you do that?” said Verstappen after his title triumph.

“Maybe it’s the only time I can in my life. I think it’s the best number out there, so I will put it on the car!”




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