Lewis Hamilton’s Secret Life He Wouldn’t Want Fans to Know About in Alternate Reality; See Videos

Lewis Hamilton broke off professional ties with his Dad for today's glory


The first sports star centered Alternate Reality Game

As an avid Formula 1 fan growing up, it is surprising (and honestly kind of disturbed) as I found out there is an Alternate Reality Game based around one of my favorite driver, Lewis Hamilton. Therefore, I decided to find out more.


It turned out, this game was actually kind of cool. In 2010, a ARN developer nDream created this game along with Reebok; the ultimate purpose for the game is to advertise Reebok’s latest technology (at the time) RunTone and ZigTech.



In the game, Hamilton was living a second life as a secret agent who recover stolen art and return them to the rightful owner. The game ran from March to November, 2010 with 245,000 players and media coverage in over 30 countries.



Lewis Hamilton: Secret Life: See Videos

This game is extra compelling because Lewis Hamilton is a real person and the game was even somehow scheduling around his real F-1 layers were also rewarded with prizes to keep them playing. The five-episode game’s finale took place in a theater in London and revealed an unexpected turn of the storyline. This game was almost like a suspension TV show, people participate in time-sensitive games, help Hamilton train and steal back art around the world.



It seems like that the players mainly just finish the puzzles and games online through the website or mobile, then they will get a clue for what is going to happen next, it might be an audio, or Youtube video, etc. For example, this is what happens after completing the first game:



The characters in the game is not just Hamilton himself, it also involves his trainer, Ana, who’s like a helper to him.
And the episodes of the videos featuring Hamilton would lead to the next game and plot in the story. This game actually has formed online communities through Twitter and forums where people discuss the game.



This game is influential especially because 1) its long-form, the length the game was run was rare in its genre 2) it really brought ARN to more British’s attention as it was centered around a British sports star 3) the first game centered around 4) it was global and was available in nine languages.



Lewis Hamilton: Secret Life: See Videos

And here’s the launch video where everybody talks about how cool this game is, kind of wish I knew about it 4 years ago:




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