Kyrie Irving Fires Massive Warning to James Harden and the Rest of the League

Kyrie Irving Fires Massive Warning to James Harden and the Rest of the League


Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Net have are having a topsy-turvy season so far. They are the 8th seed at the moment in the Eastern Conference at 31-28. The Nets had a losing streak of 11 games at one stage. They’ve had a poor run of form in the last month in particular. They went into the All-Star game break after another poor run of form.

The Nets have struggled mightily going into the break, which might change as the second half of the season resumes soon.


They recorded their last win on 17th February against the Knicks, which was only their 2nd win in the last 14 games.



Kyrie Irving live on Twitch
With the end of the season dawning upon us, all the teams look to pick up some kind of form to brighten their season. The Nets also are in desperate need of a good long run of games. With the talent on their roster, fans should hope that their luck might change for the better after the break. Kyrie Irving certainly thinks the best is yet to come.



Kyrie Irving on Twitch claimed that things will get better for the Brooklyn Nets going forward. He warned the doubters and also hinted at the fact about how the James Harden trade might be beneficial for the Nets. It can be perceived that he certainly went in the direction so as to say that his Brooklyn side are elite, even if Harden is not on their team anymore.



Irving said, “Just watch our squad after the break…. Just watch, just watch…. Just watch.. This is break down time right now before things start get going again and there’s some like 20 some odds games left but I’m telling ya watch… just watch. Just watch.”

We are yet to see how the rest of the season rolls on for the Nets.



Nets’ adversities

After the trade of James Harden, which included trading in Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond, and two first-round picks, the Nets’ roster is not bad in any way. Along with Kevin Durant, they have talent all around to secure wins and have a good run of form. But things are not as easy as looking at the talent on paper.

Ben Simmons refused to play for the 76ers this season, forcing them to end almost a year-long saga involving him & Harden and completing the trade on 10th February. He still has not made his debut for his new side since the trade was completed; the delay relating to his mental health issues. With Kyrie still having to miss a bunch of games due to his vaccine situation, and the Nets needing to work Simmons in slowly, this could very well be a lost season. Especially with Kevin Durant’s injury issues.



Kyrie Irving Fires Massive Warning to James Harden and the Rest of the League

Following the break, if the Nets can manage to get three of their main star men on the court together, we might actually get to see how good they can turn out to be. So in Kyrie’s words itself, we will “Just Watch”!




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