Kyrie Irving Finally Breaks Silence on James Harden’s Trade From Brooklyn Nets


The Philadelphia 76ers recently landed James Harden in a spectacular trade deal. This trade sent Ben Simmons, Seth Curry and Andre Drummond to the Brooklyn Nets. On the other hand, the Sixers received James Harden and Paul Millsap.

Both teams seem to have gotten away with a win in this trade. The Sixers finally traded Ben Simmons, who refused to play this entire season. Moreover, Harden is now in a team with one of the most lethal Centres in the league.


The trio of James Harden, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant was supposed to win a championship this season.



It is only natural if Durant and Kyrie feel bad that Harden has left them midway. However, the statement that Kyrie made was entirely different.



“He made a choice. We respect him for it. No love lost … we just wish him well.”

Kyrie understands what Harden did. Kyrie has made instant trade calls earlier too, such as leaving the Boston Celtics.



However, Kyrie shows his love for Harden and wishes him the best for his future. From being players on the same team, they will now be competing for the spot of Eastern Conference champions.



Kyrie Irving Finally Breaks Silence on James Harden’s Trade From Brooklyn Nets

What does this James Harden trade mean for the Sixers and the Nets?
The 76ers had been lacking a point guard this entire season. Ben Simmons had refused to play due to internal reasons. However, the entrance of James Harden changes this entire scenario. The 76ers have now received a complicated ball handler and a deadly shooter in Harden.



Harden’s playmaking and assist making capability will be very useful for a player like Joel Embiid, who is one of the most efficient scorers in the league right now.


It may seem like the Nets are the losers of the trade since they lost a player as exceptional as Harden. However, this may not be as simple as it seems. Although they did lose Harden, they gained what they never had before. A deeper bench. Players like Seth Curry and Andre Drummond can be exceptional off-the-bench players under the right coaching staff.



Ben Simmons is a great defensive player and could be the defensive anchor the team needs right now. This trade can be regarded as one of the best trade moves this season. Both teams have good takeaways from this trade. This trade creates more healthy competition in the league, which is what the NBA thrives on.



Kyrie Irving Finally Breaks Silence on James Harden’s Trade From Brooklyn Nets

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