Kobe Bryant’s Secret Life off-the-Court Most Fans are not aware of

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Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest NBA players of all time. His unbelievable ability to score the ball seemingly captivated fans for nearly two decades. Given the cut-throat mentality and intensity he brought to the court each night, he gained the nickname of “The Black Mamba.” Yes, he would often tap into his “mamba mentality” in order to take over games in crunch time and send teams to crushing defeats. Hate him or love him, it’s impossible not to agree on his greatness on the basketball court.


Because Bryant has been in the spotlight ever since he was drafted in the 1996 NBA draft, it’s somewhat surprising to find out that he has some dirty secrets from his playing career that many people still don’t know about.



Although he would probably prefer these secrets to remain hidden from the public; See the bellow



Kobe Bryant's Secret Life off-the-Court Most Fans are not aware of

19 He Wasn’t Selected Until #13 In the 1996 NBA Draft
Michael Jordan was the #3 pick in 1984. Lebron James was the #1 pick in 2003. It’s surprising for most casual NBA fans to realize that Bryant was not a high draft pick, let alone a top-10 pick. Bryant wasn’t selected until #13. He shouldn’t be too embarrassed, however, as the 1996 NBA Draft is widely considered the best in NBA history.



He Was Actually Drafted By The Charlotte Hornets
While we are on the topic of the 1996 NBA Draft, it’s often forgotten that Bryant was actually selected by the Charlotte Hornets at #13 before being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Hornets agreed to draft and trade Bryant in exchange for Vlade Divac. Clearly the Lakers won that trade. Maybe the Hornets would prefer this fact to stay hidden more than Bryant would.



Bryant Didn’t Start As a Rookie
Despite clearly being a very talented player in his rookie season, Bryant was not a consistent starter for the Lakers. Instead, Bryant played back up to Lakers guards Nick Van Exel and Eddie Jones. In fact, Bryant only started a single game in his second season in the NBA as well. By his third season, however, Bryant was a full-time starter and budding superstar.



He Often Cursed At His Teammates
Bryant was as fierce of a competitor as there has ever been in the NBA and sometimes his own teammates were subjected to his wrath. According to some of his old teammates, Bryant would often talk serious trash to his teammates and ridicule their game. Bryant was ruthless to his opponents and teammates alike.



He Practiced Tap Dancing Off The Court
In a post-playing career interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Bryant discusses that he used to practice tap dancing off the court in order to help strengthen and protect his ankles from injury. Clearly it was something that Bryant was conscious about and even told Kimmel that he kept it a secret “for obvious reasons.”

He Got Shaquille O’Neal Traded From The Lakers

Although it was often denied by both Shaq and Bryant, it was clear to anybody and everybody that the two were in a serious feud in their final year together with the Lakers. Rumor has it that Bryant wanted to be the focus of the team and Shaq’s greatness was preventing that from happening. It’s a shame that this feud broke up an NBA dynasty.



Kobe Bryant's Secret Life off-the-Court Most Fans are not aware of

13Bryant Lost Two NBA MVP Awards To Steve Nash
Yes, Steve Nash is also one of the greatest point guards to ever play in the NBA and brought one of the most exciting offenses to the Phoenix Suns in the 2000s. It was this fact that allowed Nash to win back-to-back MVP awards over Bryant, despite Bryant having far superior statistics. Surprisingly, Bryant finished his career with only one NBA MVP award.



He Missed Over 50 Game Winning Shots In His Career
There is no denying that Bryant was one of the greatest late-game players in NBA history. He often saved his best shots for the final seconds of the game and hit many, many game-winners as a result. But Bryant also missed many game-winning shots in his career. Many of those misses were highly contested shots that probably should have been passed to an open teammate, but that wouldn’t have been Mamba Mentality.



When He Demanded To Be Traded In 2007
Many NBA fans forget that Bryant wasn’t always happy with his situation with the Lakers. Things got so bad in 2007 that Bryant actually requested to be traded from the team. Although that trade never happened and Kobe would go on to win more championships as a Laker, he did later confirm that he wanted to be traded to the Chicago Bulls in 2007.



His Failed Foray Into Rap Music
Bryant was always into rap music and was once a part of a rap music group while in high school in Philadelphia. His rap music eventually grew big enough that he was able to record a song with famous model Tyra Banks, although it never got much radio play. You can still find his rap album titled “K.O.B.E.” today.



His Wife Was Still In High School When They Got Engaged
In 2000, when Bryant was about 22 years old, he got engaged to Vanessa Laine. While this wouldn’t normally be strange, it’s noteworthy because Laine was only 17 years old and was a senior in high school when the two got engaged. It’s definitely not normal, but clearly the two really love each other as they are still together to this day.

He Gave Himself the “Black Mamba” Nickname
Good nicknames are supposed to come organically, not by one’s own choosing. Bryant’s best-known nickname in his NBA days was “Black Mamba” due to his intensity and propensity to strike quickly on offense. It’s a really fitting nickname, but Bryant would probably prefer it if fans forget that he created his own nickname.



He Only Slept About Four Hours A Night
While playing in the NBA, Bryant practiced a sleeping pattern known as a “biphasic sleeping.” Biphasic sleepers actually have two sleep cycles each night. Bryant would sleep for two, two-hour sleep cycles each night. Yes, Bryant slept for an average of only four hours a night during his NBA career. Crazy!



Shaq Had a Secret Code To Keep The Ball Away From Kobe
It’s common knowledge that Bryant had a tendency to hog the ball on offense at times during his career. His superstar teammate, Shaq, reportedly had a secret code with his other Lakers teammates that they would use to ensure they kept the ball away from Kobe, knowing that he would hog it if he got ahold of it.



He Was Always The First And Last One At The Gym
As mentioned above, Bryant’s work ethic was unmatched during his time in the NBA. It was known throughout the Lakers’ organization that Bryant was always the first to arrive at the gym and the last to leave. He was so focused that he would often stay after games and get extra shots up. He was certainly one of a kind.



The Infamous Assault Allegations
It wasn’t much of a secret when it was taking place in 2003 as Bryant was involved in a very public sexual assault case in Colorado. However, there are many younger NBA fans that would be shocked to hear that Bryant was capable of such wrongdoings. It’s certainly a secret he would like to keep hidden.



When He Was Beat-Up By Chris Childs
When a player is as competitive and confident as Bryant was throughout his career, it’s only a matter of time until another alpha male comes in and tries to take you down a level or two. That’s exactly what Chris Childs on the New York Knicks did when he punched Bryant in the face twice in a 2000 Lakers v. Knicks game.



2 His Parents Had To Co-Sign His First NBA Contract
To show just how young Kobe Bryant was when he was drafted into the NBA fresh out of high school, his parents were forced to co-sign his first NBA contract with the Lakers because Bryant was only 17 at the time. Don’t worry, Bryant signed a new contract when he turned 18 and was of legal age to sign a contract.



Kobe Bryant's Secret Life off-the-Court Most Fans are not aware of

1 This Particularly Terrible Photo Shoot
There is no way that Bryant would want anybody to remember this horribly awkward that he did for the L.A. Times Magazine. Bryant has many post-NBA career interests, including high fashion, but this is one that he should probably skip out on as it just came off as really awkward looking. His basketball skills are certainly better than his fashion skills.




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