Kelly Stafford Hails Her Husband Matthew Stafford For His Role in Her Family: ‘Matthew Really Became the Most Amazing Caregiver And It Didn’t Surprise Me’


All singles following the sport should find themselves someone who cares about them as Matthew Stafford does for his wife, Kelly Stafford. The Los Angeles Rams QB was hailed by his wife for his approach to taking care of her.

Both of them were part of a health care in 2019 as Kelly went through a 12-hour surgery to remove an acoustic neuroma from her cranial nerves.


It was a sensitive period in their lives that supported and cheered her up during one of the tense times in their family.



The battle meant for Kelly to stay away from her kids, and that’s when Matthew was his best self.



Doctors didn’t want Kelly to lose her balance out of concern for anything and talking to Good Morning America, she states, “We actually had to say goodbye to our kids, for I think about three weeks and Matthew really became the most amazing caregiver and it didn’t surprise me, I guess it just more impressed me.”




She believes she wouldn’t have made it if it was anyone else other than the Rams QB. Kelly recognizes her husband’s efforts and his trying times with the Detroit Lions and how he overcame it all to turn it around. She is happy that the pressure is off him for now as they have made it to the Super Bowl LVI.



Matthew Stafford and his wife are a dream team off the field

There is a lot of respect, love, and admiration between both Mr. and Mrs. Stafford. They have gone through the ups and the downs together. She understands the pressure that he and the Rams team were under at the start of the season.



The team’s trade for acquiring Stafford from Detroit was the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

But Stafford has shown his capabilities with a wonderful group of players around him. The fact they have reached the Super Bowl LVI has quelled all of his doubters. Kelly believes that all the pressure on him has evaporated, and he can play the game as freely as he likes. While Kelly will hope Matthew has fun playing in the Super Bowl, fans will agree to disagree.




The LA faithful demand sporting excellence in anything they support, and the Rams will be no different. The team will enjoy a home advantage as they will play at the SoFi Stadium against the Cincinnati Bengals. There is only one certainty that Kelly Stafford will cheer on her man, despite whether he wins or loses.




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