John Daly gushes praise for the PNC Championship


The PNC Championship was underway in December and the pre-Christmas event was the highlight of the month. For many, it drew massive attention due to being the event where Tiger Woods was making his comeback. However, even without that knowledge, the star-studded field made the fun competition an exceptionally successful one. And if one person can attest to the greatness of the event, the man is John Daly.


He and his son, John Daly II, have appeared in multiple editions of the event. Last year, however, was probably most memorable for the duo as they crushed the rest of the pairings to a record-breaking victory. With a score of 27-under, they robbed the Woods, the runners-up, of a historic title.



Moreover, in a celebratory week post the win, Daly had a 1+ hour-long conversation with the Full Send podcast team. Appearing on the show, they spoke on multiple topics, making various headlines.




However, the highlight was the PNC Championship and on this, Daly could go on and on. Let’s see some of what he said-

John Daly gushes praise for the PNC Championship



He began by saying, “The greatest thing about the PNC is that it’s family oriented. It’s so awesome! For a father, I mean, Little John loves it, but he wants to win. But, for a father, not only to have a son that’s that good to be able to play in it. Or to have a son, period, that is playing in it. I mean, it’s just, it’s the most televised event in golf, by the way,” Daly informs.



John Daly gushes praise for the PNC Championship

“For us, as a father, it’s the greatest event on the planet. It beats Masters, U.S. Opens, British Opens… It’s just a great feeling!



To be able to spend that much time with your son, or your daughter, now daughters can play sometimes but it’s just awesome to have all our family there.” And then finally, unable to say anything but reiterate his overwhelming feelings for the event, he simply said, “It’s the greatest thing in the world!”



John Daly gushes praise for the PNC Championship

And as viewers, we must agree that this off-season event is a well-needed change from the super competitive and otherwise hectic year. What are your views?




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