Here’s How Much Money Simone Biles Lost by Withdrawing

Taylor Swift puts Simone Biles in tears after this


Simone Biles entered the Tokyo Olympics as a favorite to win all 6 gold medals in the Gymnastics events. Unfortunately, she has now withdrawn from two events where she could’ve won those gold medals. The reason she gave for doing that was because of her mental health.

Earlier, she withdrew from the women’s team final on Tuesday after some preliminary round concerns. Following the withdrawal, she had a press conference where she pulled out of the individual all-around final as well.


While she has received a lot of support from celebrities all over the world, she has also taken a massive financial hit.



This is because she will not be able to have a shot at the monetary bonuses offered to Team USA athletes for their medals.



THE MONETARY SIDE OF THE SPORT: What did Simone Biles miss out on?
According to the website of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC), gold medalists at the 2020 Olympics will earn $37,500, silver medalists $22,500, and bronze medalists $15,000.


As the prize pool for team sports is split evenly, Biles would have been eligible for $9,375 has her persistent effort propelled the team to gold on Tuesday. Alas, as the team only won a silver medal, Biles banked just $5,625.



Had she participated and defended her gold medals, the total prize money she might well have won at the two events would have been even higher i.e. $46,875 for one team gold and one individual gold, and $43,125 for one team silver and one individual gold.

Biles has the support of the community



Simone Biles Here’s How Much Money Simone Biles Lost by Withdrawing Shows Off Her Glam Makeup With Sleek Crop Top, Leggings and Flowing Teddy Coat
Biles has received a tremendous amount of support from the community. Following her press conference, she tweeted about the “love & support” she received that reaffirmed her belief in herself. Subsequently, USA Gymnastics Association also came out to support and reassure Biles.



USA Gymnastics tweeted, “We wholeheartedly support Simone’s decision and applaud her bravery in prioritizing her well-being. Her courage shows, yet again, why she is a role model for so many.”



From sports athletes to famous personalities in other fields, everyone believes that it took a lot of courage for Biles to step back from the team. Everyone hopes that she can come back stronger and remain on the trajectory of becoming the greatest gymnast of all time.




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