Floyd Mayweather’s Latest NFT Promotion in Hot Water; See why

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. looks on as he takes on Canelo Alvarez during their WBC/WBA 154-pound title fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 14, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Golden Boy/Golden Boy via Getty Images)


Floyd Mayweather is one of those many boxers who stays extremely active on his social handles.



Most of the time, Mayweather posts about life updates, his ongoing activities, and much more. Apart from that, ‘TBE’ also uses his social handles to promote brands, helping them get a substantial reach among his wide fan base.



These days, NFTs are a trend in almost every vertical, and boxers, too, are keeping themselves updated with the same. That said, Mayweather, on his social handles, promoted NFT for a particular brand.



However, a YouTuber decoded both of his videos, drawing a comparison between the two.


In the first NFT promotion video, Mayweather said, “So me and my buddy Sanjay is working on something real real huge. And when I say huge, I’m talking about a crazy NFT. Now I need you guys to support him. I got his back. I need everybody to have his back. You’re hearing it from one and only, Floyd making Money Mayweather. And it’s all about the money”



In the second video, Mayweather said, “It’s all about the NFT world, BXMI NFT, it’s crazy, and it’s very exclusive. Sunny, I would like to present you with this green WBC belt for your NFT. I need everybody to go to it right now, BXMI NFT”



The YouTuber, Spencer Cornelia, talked about Mayweather mispronouncing ‘Sanjay’s name in the second promotional video. Moreover, he even shed some light on the website Mayweather promoted and how ‘amateur’ it looked just like ‘TBE’s next boxing opponent.


Floyd Mayweather’s Latest NFT Promotion in Hot Water; See why

Who is Floyd Mayweather facing next?
Floyd Mayweather is expected to take up the ring space on February 20. Furthermore, his rumored opponent is ‘Money Kicks’, a YouTuber from UAE.



Money Kicks is one of the most successful YouTubers from the middle east. He is 20-years-old, who came to the limelight by showing off his sneakers collection, a fleet of cars and so much more.



For now, a fight between these two isn’t official. But we can expect a news piece regarding the same in a few days from now.


Floyd Mayweather’s Latest NFT Promotion in Hot Water; See why

What do you make of the above video and Floyd Mayweather’s rumored boxing opponent?




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