F1: Verstappen Fans Makes A Super Global Sensation Title

Red Bull F1 Boss Carves out ‘The Right Decision’ to Partner Sergio Perez With Max Verstappen


Whenever Max Verstappen won a race in the 2021 season, one song was played in his moment of victory, aptly titled, ‘Super Max’. And now that he has won the world championship, ‘Super Max’ is still going strong.

So strong, that after it was reported to be in the upper tiers of the global viral playlist of Spotify, it has now become the No.1, most viral song in the world.


There are so many interesting and impressive takeaways from this feat that F1 can Max Verstappen’s fans can take away from.



First of all, it is a telling sign of just how popular and insanely followed Max Verstappen is amongst all the drivers. Something which was solidified in a recent survey in which the Red Bull endorser ranked top as the most popular F1 driver.


F1: Verstappen Fans Makes A Super Global Sensation Title

But looking at it from a wider lens, this should be counted as a Big Win for Formula 1 as it attempts to tap into more and more audiences globally.



Think about it, a few years ago, who would’ve thought that a five-year-old song from an amateur group in the Netherlands, about a young F1 driver, would become the most popular and viral song on the entire planet?



A breakthrough season for Max Verstappen and Formula 1
When Liberty Media took over F1, the sport was falling into dark depths of losing popularity, staring into becoming irrelevant as a result. So one of the key jobs the new owners had was to pull F1 out of this mess and make sure its popularity only goes up.



And that’s what has happened in the last few years.

A flood of social media engagements, a Netflix series, new circuits, different broadcasting decisions and making F1 more pop-culture oriented has resulted in F1 becoming one of the most followed sports in 2021.



But all of this would’ve been nothing if not for the actual racing being exciting.

And on that front as well, two drivers delivered. The title battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton began level from Bahrain, see-sawed between the two over the entire season and remained level at the last race of the season.



Everyone knows how that turned out, and irrespective of which side you’re on, the fact that ‘everyone’ knows about this season is a big achievement in itself.



F1: Verstappen Fans Makes A Super Global Sensation Title

And now that this season is over, now that F1 has made its way into millions of hearts and minds, now that Max Verstappen has got the first title of his career, one song is capturing his season and F1’s season fittingly, the song being – Super Max.




  1. If F1 wants to capture a wider audience, the answer is simple….make it free to air….like it was before Bernie sold the fans who can’t get to races out. Just a thought.


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