F1: This is somewhat of a dubious record to have.

Charles Leclerc Makes Humble Admission About Ferrari F1 Teammate Carlos Sainz


After the race in Saudi Arabia, Carlos Sainz found himself as the holder of an unfortunate record. The Ferrari driver now has the record of most points scored without a race win in Formula 1.

Sainz has now scored 521.5 points without a race win, as he overtook Nico Hulkenberg’s tally of 521 points.

This is somewhat of a dubious record to have. Yes, it is impressive in the sense of scoring points that show your capabilities. On the other hand, scoring points without a race win loosely translates to being good, but not good enough.


And this is something that the Spaniard would want to change immediately. Because there’s no questioning his talent and race-winning capabilities. And one needs to look no further for proof than the most recent race in Saudi Arabia.



Carlos Sainz in Saudi Arabian GP
After starting from P15, Sainz finished behind his teammate Charles Leclerc in P7 in a race-long duel between the two Ferrari drivers. And looking at the season-long battle between Sainz and Leclerc tells you a lot about the former’s talent.



Charles Leclerc is an established entity in Ferrari. He has won enough races and grabbed enough podiums to prove his mettle to the Italians.

But in only his first season at Ferrari, Carlos Sainz has put Charles Leclerc on the back foot by constantly challenging him week-in week-out. This is not to say that both drivers have a rift or an unhealthy competition.



F1: This is somewhat of a dubious record to have.

Just simply, that if Sainz can challenge and outperform someone like Leclerc, then his talent is there for all to see.



F1: This is somewhat of a dubious record to have.

So far this season, Sainz has finished three times on the podium while Leclerc has just one. Yes, he has fewer points on the table, but there’s no doubt that once Carlos Sainz tastes his first victory, he won’t look back from there.



F1: This is somewhat of a dubious record to have.

And with Ferrari banking heavily on the 2022 car, it’s only a matter of time before Sainz says Adios to that unfortunate record of most points with no wins.




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