Eyewitness Reveals Truth Behind Kobe Bryant Jumping Over a Speeding Aston Martin Car in a viral video

Eyewitness Reveals Truth Behind Kobe Bryant Jumping Over a Speeding Aston Martin Car in a viral video


There is no denying that Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest players to ever play in the NBA. However, apart from his gameplay, Kobe’s huge media presence made him a recognizable face across the world.

Speaking of his media presence, back in 2008, he became a part of an iconic commercial, which involved him jumping over a speeding Aston Martin.


In a recent interview, an eyewitness gives us details regarding the viral video.



He reveals shocking details about Kobe Bryant and the car which may disappoint a lot of fans.




The truth behind the Kobe Bryant commercial



In the video, the NBA legend is seen taunting a speeding Aston Martin car, right before he proceeds to jump over it.

According to Frank, his stepmom directed the commercial and the Aston Martin was indeed fake. He says, “I was fortunate enough to go on set and hang out with him. And that Aston Martin moment, although it was computer-generated.”



Frank further adds, ” They were testing out the Aston Martin’s driving zero to 60 in three seconds down a parking lot. So I just remember sort of watching the whole thing and be like, ‘Oh, my God, like, is Kobe really going to do this right now?’”



Jumping over a speeding car is not everyone’s piece of cake, even if you are Kobe Bryant. During his long career in the NBA, Kobe has done various commercials which remain iconic to date.



Kobe’s most iconic commercial
Be it Adidas, Nike, or McDonald’s, all of them have been associated with The Mamba. Although it is hard to choose one of his commercials, arguably one of the best commercials of Kobe came with Guitar Hero.


In a hilarious advertisement for Guitar Hero, Alex Rodriguez, Tony Hawk, Michael Phelps, and Kobe Bryant came together.




The four athletes look to be a part of a boy band as they groove on to the music of the Guitar Hero game. This commercial quickly became a hit among the audience and remains one of the most memorable advertisements of all time.




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