Cleveland Merciless Crowd Rips Apart Ayesha and Stephen Curry With Massive Disrespect

Cleveland Merciless Crowd Rips Apart Ayesha and Stephen Curry With Massive Disrespect


Stephen Curry is one of the many living legends of the NBA. Considered as the greatest shooter of all time, ‘Chef’ Curry has given fans plenty of amazing moments.

Alongside Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, Curry has formed a long-standing core for the Golden State Warriors and is a major reason for the team’s success over the years.


Much of the Warriors’ championship success came against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The two franchises endured a bitter rivalry with the Warriors gaining the upper hand among all of their finals matchups.



So it was to no surprise that Stephen Curry and his wife, Ayesha Curry, endured plenty of booing from Cavs fans during the 2022 NBA All-Star Weekend in Cleveland.
Fans Rip Apart Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry.

While NBA All-Star Saturday Night featured exciting events such as the Skills Challenge, Three-Point Contest, and the Slam Dunk Contest, the Currys went up on stage to promote their new dating game show called ‘About Last Night.’ This was when the booing started.



Furthermore, even the Warriors’ forward Draymond Green was subject to booing from the crowd. Clearly, the Warriors’ victories over the Cavs have left fans enraged.



Regardless of the booing, both Warriors stars took the booing in a sporting fashion.



Curry Against the Cavaliers

The return of LeBron James to Cleveland brought hope for Cavs’ fans as they were once again a powerhouse of the Eastern Conference. Although the ‘King’ would deliver on his promise and bring home the title in 2016, the Cavs would fall short of the title in 2015, 2017, and 2018 finals.

Despite the last two titles among the 3 won by the Warriors featured Kevin Durant in the roster, Curry was also equally responsible for the success.




Moreover, Curry has been on a tear this season, averaging 34 points per game off of nearly 50% shooting from beyond the arc in the games against the Cavs. With him on the squad, the Warriors are once again wreaking havoc after their lowly performance last season.

Together with Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, the franchise looks bound to win another championship this season. Additionally, they have shown plenty of firepower from their bench players this season.



If both the Cavs and Warriors were to make it to the finals this season, it would be an exciting matchup that would feature a young Cavs team take on an experienced Warriors squad. And maybe this experience gives Curry and the Warriors an upper hand to extend their dominance over Cleveland.




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