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Best Male Dog Names With Meaning In 2021 – Best Guide

Are you searching for the Best Male Dog Names With Meaning In 2021? in this post, we have selected the best name with their meaning for your new dog.

You’ve bought your new male puppy and the time has come to make that big decision. You know. The one that will stay with you for the next decade or so. So here you are searching all over the internet looking for unique boy dog names.

The task of finding dog names for males is quite intense, isn’t it?

I know because I have done this myself many times (I even had to write a list of female dog names so I could cover all bases!)

To make things a little easier for you, I have laid out the following names for a boy dog in alphabetical order (I even found some beginning with X!)

What To Look For When Choosing Unique Boy Dog Names

I suggest that you take your time as you look through these boy dog names.

When one takes your liking, add it to a shortlist.

It is easy to become overwhelmed when choosing a unique name for your dog – one that the entire family will have to love and so narrowing the search down to three or four names will make things a whole lot easier for you.

Be Original

Try and choose an original name. You don’t want to be walking with your dog at the local pooch hang out and hear the same name being called more than once.

When Naming Your Dog Remember! Not too Many Syllables

Try to keep the name that you choose for your boy dog to no more than two syllables – or a maximum of three. Any more and you may find it quite a mouthful when you are trying to socialise him and get him to learn the basic commands of training!

Take Personality into Consideration

Look for a name that suits your boy dogs personality. You can do this by discovering the meaning behind the name (I have done this for you!)

You may have a delicate little Shih Zu, in which case a name like ‘bulldozer wouldn’t quite fit (although not out of the question – depends if he has a bulldozer personality!) Check out our small dog names boy section at the end of the post.

Similarly, your new dog may be a hefty Bernese Mountain Dog in which case trying to match him with a name like Pebbles might embarrass him somewhat when he hangs at the local dog cafe!

Take Colour Into Consideration

If you have chosen to buy a big white dog breed then naming him Ebony or Nero (very popular male dog names) might not quite cut the mustard.

Choose a name that will suit your boy dog for many years to come and one that you don’t have to spend explaining the meaning behind to every stranger that asks!

If you have a cute looking dog then check out our cute boy dog names at the end of the post.

Without further ado, the finest list of the Best Male Dog Names With Meaning:

Name Meaning
Ace One, single unit; poker card
Al Fresco In the open air
Aladdin Story and cartoon star
Albo Derivative from dog food
Alcatraz Famous US prison
Alfie Version of the name “Alfred”; counselor, guide
Ali Baba From “Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves”
Alpaca Type of animal with soft fur
Andre This can be like Andre the Giant (wrestler)
Apex At the very top of
Apollo Destroyer; can be reference to Rocky films or Greek mythology; also space missions
Balboa Money in Panama; famous movie character
Baldwin Number of famous movie and TV actors
Bane Famous villain in Batman shows
Basil Type of herb
Bengal A type of orange tiger
Bentley Ranch or farm with grass (Fun FYI: an extravagant auto made by Rolls Royce)
Benz Luxury type of car
Beowoof Oldest story known to man
Berber Indigenous North African people
Biscuit Either a type of small bread or cookie, depending on US vs. UK
Blizzard Snow storm that can often cause white outs (can’t see)
Boa Type of snake that constricts
Bobo Highly educated liberal that is non-uniform
Bogart To keep to yourself; also a famous actor
Bomber Type of airplane that dispenses bombs
Bookie A bookmaker; often involved in gambling
Borat Famous comedy film character
Boris A contender, warrior
Brewster A person who makes beverages; very male oriented
Bubbles Air pockets inside liquid
Buckwheat Famous TV character; confused for type of grass
Buddy Friend; very common dog name (can be secondary name)
Byron From the outbuildings or barns (Fun FYI: Lord Byron was a writer additionally known for his luxurious and untamed life)
Cameo Type of cover that hides; also a walk on role
Canyon Large ground opening often cut by glaciers
Cappy Short term for “captain”
Casey Steadfast in war
Caspian From the Caspian Sea
Champ Short term for “champion”
Charlie Free man (Fun FYI: Charlie Chaplin was a famous performer in early Hollywood)
Chauffeur Person who drives another around
Chewbacca Star Wars character (furry, brown)
Clapton Famous guitar player
Conan Dog, Wolf (Fun FYI: Funnyman Conan O’Brien and Conan the Barbarian are popular examples of this name)
Crockett Name of explorer

Male Dog Names D–H

Name Meaning
Dale First name of famous driver
Dane Play on words, think of calling small dog a Great Dane
Dante Everlasting (Fun FYI: famous poet)
Dexter Towards the right side (also famous fictional killer)
Diddley Acting in a silly manner
Dilbert Cartoon character
Diesel Type of fuel used for motors
Dingo A wild Australian dog
Dingus Slang for Dingo and silly person
Divot Small indentations
Donner To put on or wear; slang for “to beat up”
Doodle To draw idly; small drawing (fun FYI: “Yankee Doodle” is a well-known tune)
Doyle Irish name that combines “dark” and “stranger”
Dragon Type of mythical creature
Dynamo Somebody with incredible vitality and power
Eddard Famous character from Game of Thrones
Edward Famous character from a number of movies
Elvis Famous singer
Emerson Fortitude and force
Espresso Type of compressed coffee
Euphrates Famous river
Fabian Successful farmer, green thumb
Falco Famous video game character
Falcon Type of bird that eats rodents
Fender Brand of guitar, part on a car
Fergus Man of power, presence
Fletch To put feathers on (like an arrow)
Frankenstein Lumbering and big dog
Franks Shortened version of Frankenstein
Gabe Name of character from the TV show The Office
Gage An item presented to show good intention (collateral)
Gannon Villain from Zelda games
Garrett Lance; bold
Genghis Famous leader from Mongolia
Ginko Type of root and Chinese tree
Gizmo A mechanical gadget or thingamajig; a contraption (Movie FYI: The name of the adorable Gremlin from 1980s film)
Griswold German word meaning from a gray forest
Guinness Beer; famous records book; calling an actor versatile
Gulliver Glutton, hungry
Gyro Type of food, relative to motion (gyroscope)
Hinkley A town in the State of California
Hogan Famous wrestler, Navajo hut with logs and dirt
Hooligan Slang for a troublemaker
Horace Gatekeeper; timekeeper
Hugo Savvy, intelligent
Hulk Like the superhero or pro wrestler
Hunter Seeks or finds
Hyde Dazzling (Fun FYI: Most people know this name through The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, written by Robert Louis Stevenson)

Male Dog Names I–N

Name Meaning
Iggy Blazing one (Fun FYI: Many people know this name through vocalist and lyricist Iggy Pop)
Igor Russian for Warrior of Peace
Indiana, Indy The place where there are Indians (Fun FYI: People know this name from racing and the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.)
Jabba From Star Wars villain, describes lazy dog
Jake Variant of Jack or Jacob
Jagger Famous rocker; someone who owns stable of pack horses
Jay Reference to blue jay bird
Jax Child of Jack
Jetta Latin meaning is black gem
Jinx To bring bad luck or ill fortune; Usually used for cats, but can be used for funky dogs
Jojo Born on Monday; fun to say
Judge Determines law and passes opinions
Jumbo Large
Kahuna Local medicine man or cleric (Fun FYI: “Big Kahuna” was utilized in 1960s beach party movies)
Kazoo Musical toy, can be used for silly dog
Kevlar Type of woven armor
King Ruler
Kirby From the town with the church
Kite Toy that flies in wind
Kodak Camera company, slang for outdated
Larry Like famous basketball player
Leo Lion, great for yellow labs
Lead Substance used to make many other items
Levi Jean brand, Hebrew for attached/joined
Loki The god of underhandedness and mischief
Lux Shortened version of Luxury
Macbeth Famous fictional character and play
Magee Child of Aodh
Malcolm Scottish for disciple of St. Columba
Melvin Irish name meaning “chief”
Merc Often short for “mercenary” but can be short for “mercury”
Milo Quiet and peaceful (Movie Notable: Some may know this name from either charming Jack Russell Terrier in the movie The Mask or from Milo and Otis (though Milo was the cat)
Monk Religious practitioner
Morris Derived from Maurice which means dark skinned; swarthy
Muggs, Mugsy Gangster sidekick
Muscles Type of anatomy that contracts using calcium and electrical signals
Mustafa Chosen (Fun FYI: People know this from both The Lion King and the Austin Powers movies.
Nacho Type of food; orange
Napoleon Famous French conquoer; often slang synonym with “French”
Nero Roman emperor known for cruelty
Nike Shoe brand, Greek for Victory
Nitro Chemical gathering (No2) (Fun FYI: Often used as component of explosives.)
Noodle A slender strip of dried dough

Male Dog Names O–S

Name Meaning
Odie Wood slope (Fun FYI: People know this name from the comic Garfield)
Oliver Relates to olive tree
Oscar Movie award; used as code word in radio communications
Ozzie, Ozzy Divine spearman (Music Notable: Most people are familiar with this name through music artist Ozzy Osbourne)
Paddington Famous bear and train station
Pagoda Asian temple or sacred building
Paladin A chivalrous champion; protector of a noble cause
Panda Type of black/white bearlike animal
Pharaoh Ruler of Ancient Egypt
Picasso Famous painter; slang for attractive from one angle/not the other
Pistol Hand gun, slang for energetic
Pixel The tiniest part of a digital image
Popeye Famous fictional sailor/cartoon
Quark Physics particle, low-fat cheese curd
Radar Sonar equipment, slang for detection
Rags Discarded cloth pieces
Ramstein Famous German band
Ranger Outdoor explorer
Rascal Trouble maker
Rasta Jamaican origin
Reece Eagerness (TV Notable: Reece is the tormenting sibling in Malcolm in the Middle)
Remington Brand of gun maker, brand of typewriter maker
Romeo Famous fictional romance character
Royce Royal
Ryder Mounted delivery person or warrior
Sage Type of herb; person who knows a lot
Samson Like the sun
Scooter Shuffling movement
Seal Sea creature and famous singer
Sinatra Famous singer
Slicker Type of jacket; smooth or glossy
Sonata Song style
Strider To stroll with huge steps

Male Dog Names T–Z

Name Meaning
Tamale Type of Mexican food
Taz Shorthand for a Tasmanian Devil; often known as a cartoon character from Looney Tunes
Thumper Thing that beats or thumps; slang for passionate person
Tonka Toy truck brand
Trojan Culture who used trick horse to invade
Trooper To go along with; state police officer
Trout Type of fish
Valentino Great health
Venga Impolite command phrase meaning “speed up” or “hurry on”
Vesper Evening star
Vladimir Vlad to rule (Fun FYI: Often known through Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula)
Waddles Short stepper that sways
Wanderer Explorer looking around
Warhol Famous artist
Wicket A little entryway
Woodsy Outdoor driven, or characteristics that relate outdoors
Wrangler Brings things together; horse handler at ranch
Xander Safe guarder of men
Xavier The new house
Xerxes Greek name meaning “leaving”
Xing Star
Yo-Yo Type of toy that leaves down a string and returns; slang for fluctuate
Yodel Type of singing among Swiss Mountaineers
Zazu Movement
Zephyr Gentle breeze; Greek god of wind
Zed British for the letter “Z”
Zero Text form of “0”
Ziggy Famous cartoon character
Zoomer Fast mover
Zuma Frowns in anger (Fun FYI: Shorthand form of Aztec name Montezuma)

Questions & Answers

Question: What is a good Indiana name for white husky who is very lovable?

Answer: That could be a bit tricky. Nappanee would be my best suggestion. I believe that name means “flour”, it’s local to Indiana and is fun to say. In addition, it can be shortened into a variety of nicknames.

Question: Is Ace a good name for a dog?

Answer: I think Ace is an excellent name!

Question: What does Thor mean?

Answer: Thor is the name of a thunder god from Norse / German mythology.

Question: What’s meaning of Piedo?

Answer: This is an interesting one: the name is most popular in southern Poland. However, it can mean different things in different cultures. If you speak Esperanto it means “foot” or “paw”. If you speak Spanish, you’ll probably hear “Puedo” which means “May I”. In Italian-American circles, it can mean something like “born feet first” which is like saying someone is odd/backwards.

Question: What is a good name for a male Pie Bald (black & white) Great Dane puppy? His birth name is Custard Pie from a 12 pup litter called Sweet as Pie, all named after pies because the mother’s name is Pi. I want to rename him, but by contract, the akc name must contain the word “Sweet”. I want something different than a typical Oreo, etc., such as Sweet Chunky Monkey, Sweet Macho Macchiato, Sweet & Sketchy, Sweet Sugar Kane, Ain’t He Sweet.

Answer: Keeping to the black and white theme, a few potentials include “Sweet Tiramisu, nickname could be Sweet T.”, “Boehm Sweet Boehm” (pays homage to German heritage of Great Dane), and Sweet-wälder Kirschtorte (a pun off Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte , which is German Black Forest cake).

Question: What is a good southern name for a male Miniature Pinscher?

Answer: I think this will depend on the traits of the dog, but some potentials include Victor, Warrick, Hunter, and Knox. You could also use Davis or Jackson, but that might be a bit too obvious.

Question: What is a good name for a golden retriever that’s unique?

Answer: I think that depends on the dog and your personal tastes. I would look up synonyms for gold and see if those resonate with you. Some unique examples include Halcyon and Aurelian.

Question: What does Xavier mean?

Answer: Xavier in popular culture is the name of the X-men’s leader. However, in the past the most famous Xavier was Saint Francis Xavier, who was a missionary. From what I can tell, the name originated from the western Pyrenees when they described “a new house”.

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