Away From Gymnastics, What is Simone Biles Doing Now?

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Simone Biles is currently enjoying the fruits of her labor after dominating gymnastics for a long time.


During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, her withdrawal from the gymnastics competitions sent shock waves around the sporting world. Citing mental health concerns, she decided to take a break from the sport. However, she has remained on the sidelines since.


The incredible Biles is right up there with the best athletes in the world. But away from the sport, what is she up to these days?


Away From Gymnastics, What is Simone Biles Doing Now?

What is Simone Biles doing now?
After a successful career winning a combined 32 Olympic and World Championship medals, Biles is looking to relax. She is currently dating NFL football player Jonathan Owens, who plays safety for the Houston Texans. Often, the couple is spotted together, with Biles making appearances at his games.



Dating since 2020, Biles and Owens are Instagram’s favorite celebrity couple.


As she trained a lot during her younger days, striving to be the world’s best, Simone is now focused on enjoying the little things in life. The Gold Over America Tour was another feather to her cap.


Away From Gymnastics, What is Simone Biles Doing Now?

The program aimed to inspire younger gymnasts to take up the sport professionally. Staging different shows in various cities across the USA, she became a prominent advocate for the sport. Thus, after a rather tiresome tour, she is now focused on spending time with family and friends.



Time to take a break
Rigorous training routines and other professional commitments made for a packed schedule. Hence, the beautiful Biles spoke about now enjoying her time with her family and doing things she couldn’t do in the past. She talked about her plans after the conclusion of the Gold Over America Tour.


Away From Gymnastics, What is Simone Biles Doing Now?

“The holidays, for sure. Relaxing, having that quality time with my friends, my family. I’m going on vacation with my family, too. Everybody’s always so rushed to know the next thing. It’s like, ‘Live in the now, embrace that before stuff gets picked back up.’ So we’ll definitely see,” said Biles.


With Owens on her side, the duo is having a good time together as Biles gets away from the competitive world of gymnastics, for the time being. When do you think Biles will return to the sport?




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