An Extensive List of Devin Haney’s Celebrity Ex-Girlfriends

An Extensive List of Devin Haney’s Ex-Girlfriends


Devin Haney is one of the most prominent athletes in the United States. Being a world champion boxer brings a lot of attention toward you. Today we take a look at the dating history of Devin Haney, the 23-year-old WBC lightweight champion of the world.

Devin Haney and Kris Summers

Haney reportedly dated model Kris Summers. Although we do not have much information about this relationship, it was Haney’s first public relationship.


Devin Haney and Blac Chyna

Haney and Blac Chyna stirred up rumors back in 2018. At the time, Haney was just 19 years old, whereas Chyna was 29 years old. TMZ reported that the couple were together for at least eight months and began talking to each other when Haney ‘slid in her Instagram dms’ after realizing the pair shared the same lawyer.



Ever since then, they hit it off and started seeing each other regularly. Chyna even once posted a picture of Haney sitting on a white Lamborghini, on Instagram, captioning the photo saying, “Hi Babe.”



Devin Haney and Aileen Giselle aka Big Gigi

Haney and Aileen Giselle have a complicated dating history. The pair dated on and off since January 2019, in between which Haney dated model Lira Galore. The relationship between the two ended pretty soon.



Devin Haney and Lira Galore

The pandemic gave the internet another famous couple. Haney and Instagram model Liza Galore made their relationship public with a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, back in 2020. The couple posted photos of their romantic getaway for the hoards of fans that follow them.



An Extensive List of Devin Haney’s Ex-Girlfriends

Devin Haney and Jania Meshell

In 2021, Devin dated Jania Meshell, but the pair broke up in May this year, and Haney immediately moved on from Meshell with India Love.



An Extensive List of Devin Haney’s Ex-Girlfriends

Devin Haney and India Love



An Extensive List of Devin Haney’s Ex-Girlfriends

Haney and India Love’s relationship history goes way back. The two were first together when they both were teenagers, Haney shared a video on his story of him and India Love before the two were famous.



Haney captioned the story, “She been mine… I think I was bout 16/17.” Haney shared the video on Instagram after getting back with her earlier this year. He has since broken up with India Love and is currently single.



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