A List of Active NBA players with the most blocks

5 Active NBA players with the most blocks


Rim protection is one of the most important facets of the game of basketball, especially in the NBA. Some of the best defenders in the history of the league are Hakeem Olajuwon, Bill Russell and Dennis Rodman, to name a few. One thing common in all of them was that they were excellent shot blockers.

Olajuwon is undoubtedly one of the best centers in the history of the league. He led the NBA with 3,830 blocks during his glorious career. He led the team from the front every time he took the floor, but his rim protection was elite.


In the 90s, a player needed to be great in the paint to achieve success. Although times have changed and in today’s game, players like taking three pointers, shot-blocking remains key. There are still players like Giannis Antetokounmpo who have made the paint their own.



Players like Rudy Gobert, Myles Turner and Clint Capela are extraordinary rim protectors. However, there are also many others who have done extremely well as shot blockers. On that note, here’s a look at the five active players with the most blocks in their careers.



#5 Anthony Davis – 1359

5 Active NBA players with the most blocks

Anthony Davis was the number one overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft. He had already garnered a name for himself while at Kentucky.

As a rookie, Davis was part of an elite group of players from Team USA who won gold at the 2012 London Olympics. That team had greats like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant. Playing with those legends has helped AD massively in the long run. He has elevated his game every passing year, and is on course to achieve more glory.



5 Active NBA players with the most blocks

He was a star for the New Orleans Pelicans, as he scored big points for them and also put on great defensive displays. Throughout his seven-year stint with them, he scored at an average of 23.7 PPG, and also recorded 2.4 BPG.

His brilliance helped him land a trade to the LA Lakers, where he blossomed into one of the top players in the league. He was a key part of the Lakers’ 2020 NBA championship team, and is currently one of their best players.



5 Active NBA players with the most blocks

His ability to score is always appreciated, but he is also a terrific defender. The 28-year-old is a two-time All-NBA first-team Defensive player and a three-time block leader. In his ten seasons with the NBA, Davies has secured a total of 1359 blocks, and is on his way to increasing that tally, and climbing up this list.


#4 DeAndre Jordan – 1480

5 Active NBA players with the most blocks

DeAndre Jordan was a second-round pick of the LA Clippers in 2008. He was one of the most important parts of the Lob City Clippers that also had the likes of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

DJ was a lob threat from the start of his NBA career, and even today with the LA Lakers, he continues to be one.



5 Active NBA players with the most blocks

Along with being a terrific rebounder, Jordan is a superb rim protector as well. He is a two-time member of the All-Defense First Team, and also made it to the All-Star game in 2016.



5 Active NBA players with the most blocks

The 33-year-old has been a part of five different NBA teams. Throughout his 15-year career, he has blocked a total of 1480 shots at a career average of 1.6 BPG.

He will look to continue his brilliance, and add a few more numbers to his tally before he calls time on his NBA career.




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